Owners - David Sicotte & Shana Sicotte

Owners - David Sicotte & Shana Sicotte

Welcome to Great Lakes Chocolate & Dessert Company! We’re so glad you’re here!

We are David & Shana Sicotte, the owners of Great Lakes Chocolate & Dessert Co. We create bean-to-bar, craft chocolate rooted in Traverse City, Michigan. we are the only bean to bar craft chocolate making company in northern Michigan.

What is “craft” chocolate you ask?

It all starts with organic cacao beans, sourced from companies that use direct trade purchasing practices. These beans are sorted, roasted, cracked, winnowed and ground into small batches. This becomes the ultimate indulgence: chocolate bars, hand-rolled truffles and specialty desserts – all crafted by hand.

Who is wearing the chef coat?

We met at The Culinary Institute of America and eventually became husband-and-wife chefs. David, born and raised in Vermont, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Baking & Pastry Arts Management, while Shana, a Michigan native earned her degree in Culinary Arts. Even in those early days, we dreamed of owning our own business, one where we could both use our unique skill sets in the kitchen. David would bring the pastry bags and Shana would bring the knives.

In 2010 we moved from upstate New York to Traverse City, which was rapidly transforming into a fresh, local food mecca. We packed our bags and drove to Michigan to start our family – and eventually, a family business. Our two adventurous girls, Taylor & Natalie have been on the journey with us since day one. We hope our commitment to following our dreams inspires them to do the same.

The Craft Chocolate Experience

In 2018, we decided to share our passion for chocolate with friends, family and the TC community. We spent our life savings to build a wholesale company that we’re proud of, and eventually, we hope to have a brick and mortar location, where everyone will have the opportunity to enjoy handcrafted dessert and chocolate as a daily indulgence. In the meantime, we continue to innovate and grow our small-batch chocolate and dessert lines – having lots of fun in the process!

We are not mass-produced chocolate. We are sourcing single-origin, organic cacao beans from beautiful countries around the world, creating handcrafted chocolates and desserts. For us, bean-to-bar isn’t the only way, but it’s the best way.

Check out our latest handcrafted products and join the craft chocolate movement with us!

Thanks again for stopping by,

-Shana & David

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